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What is EMTONE?
Emtone is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment that is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It has also demonstrated usefulness in tightening loose skin. It is the only device available that has combined two different technologies in a single applicator that targets cellulite and loose skin.

How does it work?
Emtone simultaneously emits both radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy. Radiofrequency is a procedure that heats the skin to help stimulate collagen production and shrink fat cells. Targeted pressure energy improves blood circulation as well as increases collagen and elastin fibers. It also helps with lymph transport which is important in addressing cellulite.

What areas can be treated?
-Upper arms
-Front thighs
-Inner thighs
-Love handles
-Back thighs

How many treatments are recommended?
Everyone’s body is different. At a minimum, we recommend at least 4 treatments, but it can be as many as 8 treatments. Treatments are twice a week, with recommended maintenance at least once every 3-12 months.

Is there any downtime?
Not at all! Because this is a nonsurgical and non-invasive procedure, you can walk out of our office without any pain. The treated area might feel warm to touch and might be pink for a few minutes but this typically goes away quickly.

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