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Kathleen Pizzolatto, MSN ARNP and Peggy Thompson, MSN ARNP are the gynecology specialists at Advanced Women's Health. Peggy and Kathleen provide gynecology wellness and annual exams, encouraging discussion of women's health topics. In addition, they provide diagnosis and treatment for women's health issue topics including menstrual disorders, abnormal pap smears, breast issues, STI screening, menopausal symptoms, and sexual concerns.

Kathleen Pizzolatto, CNM, ARNP, Women's Health

Kathleen began her journey in healthcare in 2000 as a registered nurse in labor and delivery. While she loved working with women and families during such an intense and intimate time, she realized she craved a deeper and more long-term connection with patients. Thus, she returned to school and earned her doctorate degree in nursing practice from the University of Washington. Kathleen has been practicing as a Certified Nurse Midwife since 2017, and is excited to join the team at Advanced Women's Health to continue to serve women in healthcare.

Practicing compassionate, holistic care that welcomes open-ended discussions, Kathleen partners with women throughout the life span from adolescence through menopause. Kathleen's mission is to educate and empower women to be active participants in their own healthcare. She is passionate about all ... Read More


Peggy Thompson, CNM, ARNP, Women's Health

Peggy started her career in healthcare in 1978, working her way up from LPN to ARNP. Since becoming a Nurse Midwife in 2001, Peggy has thoroughly enjoyed the relationships she has built with her clients and their families. She feels honored to have supported over 2000 women in their birth journey.

Peggy is very excited to be joining the team at Advanced Women’s Health. The opportunity for her to do the work she loves – helping women – and having time to devote to her family and personal life is a perfect balance for her. Spending time with clients and partnering with women to promote health and wellness is of utmost importance to Peggy. She is sensitive to the needs of LGBTQIA and BIPOC clients and strives to provide culturally sensitive care to all.

Caring for women throughout their lifespan brings her joy. Beloved by her patie... Read More

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